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wihakowi wrote:

JohnNewman wrote:

I'm glad you're pleased with the lens but, with the greatest respect, the shots you've posted above and previously are putting me off it. They look very soft and poorly focused. Of course, it may be that the quality of the uploading has made them suffer or there may be another reason but, looking at the full size images, personally I couldn't accept the lack of quality. I'm not trying to offend but, surely, if you're used to L lenses, you must see the difference? Guess there's no free lunch

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Well, uhm, I think it's obvious that at least one, and probably both, of these shots was taken through a window. Certainly no free lunch under those shooting conditions - "super-zoom", Canon L or any other lens!

OP - Show us some of your shots taken under "better" conditions!?


Agreed, shooting through a window is like having a dirty filter on the lens, but some of the earlier shots posted by the same gentleman were not (IMHO) of the best quality. Having seen some reasonable shots with this lens I do wonder if there is a sample variation?

I have seen some very good images with the NEW Nikon 18-300 which, at the moment, is pushing me in that direction, even though it's a bit dearer and loses that extra 2mm on the wide end.

Still, early days and unless I can see comparable quality to my Nikon 18-140 (which is pretty good for a so-called "kit" lens) the jury is still out for me at the moment.

I really want to like the Tamron but haven't fallen for it yet


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