Best photo gear with 10k dollars! Suggestions?

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Re: Best photo gear with 10k dollars! Suggestions?

My thoughts have already wandered from:

1) D800e (or its nearby replacement) with the Holly Grail and a very good macro lens and perhaps the 24mm TS;

2) A7r with Canon L or Nikon G lenses and a good adapter;

3) Pentax 645Z (still to be released) and a few older lenses

4) Keeping my A77, investing in a good macro lens and taking a good trip with the left 9.000 dollars!!

Well, that's been my thoughts.


Besides, what would be YOUR CHOICE given the same oportunity (think of it as if you had NO legacy lenses to cope with)?

Thanks for your help and HAPPY DAYDREAMING!!

PS: people might ask why I didn't consider a Canon body in my daydreaming... I don't like its ergonomics. It's ME, nothing wrong with the system or cameras, just a "skin" thing... YOU may include whatever you think is worth considering in your daydream sharing.

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Tough question.

D800e seems very demanding on lenses and technique but has fantastic DR and IQ. Canon 5DMKIII is very good but more forgiving. For a lighter camera to complement it an X100s or RX100 MKIII would do very well.

Ok if it WAS me and it could not be Canon then D610 and Rx100III and whatever quality lenses I could afford for the D610 after that 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 and 85mm f/1.8 or all prime if that's your thing. etc etc

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