The Sony A7s - Birders' dream camera?

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Re: The Sony A7s - Birds vs. Wildlife (Resolution vs. Sensitivity?)

bwana4swahili wrote:

Sony A7R(esolution)... Sony A7S(ensitivity)

A blend of the two would be nice but at the moment it doesn't exist, or maybe I just haven't seen it... Or maybe I'm already using it in the A7R?

The A7 is the blend of the two.

Lot of talk about using an APS-C sized sensor vs. full frame. It isn't the size of the sensor that determines resolution. It is the size of the pixels. An APS-C sensor with the same size pixels as a full frame camera just gives you less field-of-view; no gain or loss in resolution. An APS-C sensor may "appear" to give you better resolution but it simply shows a cropped full frame image; the reason for the name, "crop mode sensor"!

For BIF and similar, the size of the pixels is the crucial thing. But if you measure resolution as the number of line-pairs per picture height, as is reasonable for architecture or landscape, then the number of pixels is what matters.

So the choice of sensor depends on the type of photo you are taking. Which is not surprising.

If you want resolution for those birds and small, distant targets go the A7R route (or a camera with an APS-C sensor with the same or smaller pixels). If you want the dusk/dawn light gathering, get closer or use a longer lens and (maybe) go the A7S route.

Or if you can afford only one camera, get an A7 or an A6000.

No one has really had a chance to full evaluate an A7S (the reason for the "maybe" above) but I have used an A7R since Nov. '13 and it is pretty darn nice for both resolution and reasonable image quality at higher ISO's, i.e.: up to ISO3200 + a bit.

You mentioned adapters. I adapt Canon, Pentax, Minolta, M42 and T2 lenses to the A7R. Plan to go manual focus and focus peaking for those action shots, autofocus is a bit slow! Lots of good manual lenses/telescopes available new/used to choose from... You may already have them in your lens collection? I don't own any Sony lens, except a 28-70mm zoom I was given, so maybe their adapters give better performance; don't know?


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