how do you protect your cron?

Started Jun 10, 2014 | Polls thread
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assaf110 New Member • Posts: 14
how do you protect your cron?

I'm about to add a 35 cron asph as my main & hopefully only lens.

coming from SLR systems, it's common to use a UV/clear filter to protect the front element. when i watch other leica m kits, it seems that most owners don't use a filter (or remove it when photographing the camera... :-D).

it will be helpful to hear what you guys do. i shoot the M6 (with only a 50 at the moment) so adding a UV filter might be a good option?

as far as buying the 35 summicron asph, i'm torn between grabbing one or hold to see if a new updated version due to be announced at photokina. what do you think?

i use the hood - for shade / protect the lens
54.5% 6  votes
i use a clear/UV filter on my lens
45.5% 5  votes
all natural - filterless / hoodless
0.0% 0  votes
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