Fuji replacing X-T1 already?

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Re: Fuji replacing X-T1 already?

35mmBlueSky wrote:

This is why you can never make everyone happy, canon gets blamed for not updating the 7D and their aged sensor tech then we have people complaining a great camera manufacturer like Fuji actually promptly updates the X-T1 to fix its short comings with extra improvements (Admittedly in this case its moreso a buyer remorse for losing their camera values subconsciously.) I for one support the idea of Fuji bringing as much improvements to the table as they possibly can just like they consistently did with their firmware updates unlike canon who's been slacking and relying on their past glory to keep making every last drop of profit possible without actually putting funds to innovate their product lines for maximum, from a business standpoint its best for canon I understand, but as a consumer it goes against my interest.

That is an approach which would ultimately backfire. Why would you then buy X-T1b if this machine gun approach means X-T2 would be just few months down the line, right? How many people will be willing to shell another $1200 for new model if it seems fuji will be fixing small things and call it refreshment every few months. Yes there are things like spongy buttons but fuji can fix them without making a big fuzz around it with new model number. Just a new batch will have the fix. Old users would not even know....

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