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wihakowi wrote:

Mark Pitcavage wrote:

... I spent 16 hours driving around back-country ohio (for my blog,, taking roadside photography shots. About half were handheld, the other half used a car window mount (a ballhead mounted to a car window--equivalent to a tripod in terms of stability in most circumstances.

Not meant to be a condescending question, but can we assume that you had the engine shut off while shooting? Engine vibration in any vehicle is one of the most pernicious causes of horrible optical results - whether photographing or using a scope or binoculars. Your mention of having to deal with traffic made me wonder.

Whether I had the engine on or off is irrelevant, because the same conditions applied for both the 18-135mm lens and the Tamron.  Typically, I take my photographs with the engine running, because I have a smooth engine and I have learned from experience that there is no appreciable difference in photo quality whether engine is on or off (other factors, like wind that can shake an entire vehicle, are more relevant).  But, as I said, it doesn't matter, because both lenses had the same conditions and the Tamron performed poorly in comparison.

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