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JCB123 wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

Switch to Olympus. Now the Olympus E-M1 looks like a really good camera, but its AF is not up to D7100 standard. So I have an E-PL5 with a VF-4 EVF. Since neither of them can do what I use the D7100 for as well I just consider how well they do the rest. Trouble is I can't see that the E-M1 can do any of that better than the E-PL5.

Its got more direct controls but they are both so highly configurable that I have the E-PL5 set up such that I don't really miss the extra haptic controls.
You said you have large hands though. Mine aren't small either and the E-PL5 does feel a bit small, but I can live with that because the up-side is that I can carry it and a selection of lenses around for hours and it doesn't weigh me down. I am 65 yo with chronic sciatica and although I don't allow it to stop me doing things I don't welcome any more needless pain. You might find the E-M1 more comfortable though. With the micro 4/3 system the real weight saving is with lenses, so a couple of hundred grams in the camera body is not that big a deal. The E-M1 is also a lot more expensive than the D7100 so would take quite a bit more of your budget.

What? I have tje EPL5 and the EVF. You cannot compare it with the EM1!

Well actually I can.

Yes you can and it is proverbal not comparable. Like: do any FT lenses focus as quickely? How about the AF-c on the EPL5. How about controls on the EPl5.

It is ot weahtersealed, dust sealed.

Yes its not weather sealed. I use it in the rain though without reservation. If needs be I use a rain shield which would also be advisable on a weather sealed camera. Weather sealing simply isn't a significant advantage, apart from giving nervous types some re-assurance.

Yeah sure. Put the two under the shower and see what happens. SOme people like me have to go into heavy downpours and still be able to shoot with cam + lens. "Nervous type"-remakr is just hyperbole.

It has far less controls

It does. I have learned to deal with that. Its high level of configurability goes a long way to help this.

No. It has less controls. Period. Whatever you make of the menusystem etc is fine it has less controls. Personally I found the SCP etc pretty annoying and not at all in any way a substitute for physical controls.

and I am surely not the only one who thik the menu system is probably the worst of all.

Maybe it is. I can deal with it though.

Fine. You are not the only one either.

I like the EPL5 a lot for what it is, but I also have a GH2 and now GH4. I imagine the EM1 being close to the latter (Panny has a very easy and logical menu though). The controls are a big relief!
Also, the EPl5 does not have 5 axis IBIS, does not have the AFC capabilities of the EM1.

IS is nice but not essential. The difference between IS and no IS at all would not be a huge consideration to me. The difference between 3 axis and 5 axis clearly even less so.

There is a difference between things being essential and claiming you can't see the EM1 doing things better than the EPL5. It does most things a lot better.

Does not have the samevideo IQ (still way behind Panasonoc).

These are stills cameras and that what I use them for. I care nothing about video.

Well, as they shoot video how came they are not video cams? These are hybrid cams.

What it does have is precisely what you seem to deny: it is much smaller than any DSLR.

It most certainly is much smaller. Did I deny that ? Must have been off my rocker. In fact i find the E-PL5 to be a little too small, but again I can deal with that. Its a plus for every mile that I carry it and a small minus when I am hand holding it, or having to remove the L bracket to change the battery.

Agreed, EPL5 is very small and has very good IQ for such a small cam. I won't be taking my GH4 to everything. Not at all. EPL5 will do and fits in my coatpochets.

Other than that I agree that the lenses are the weightsavers here. I have the 12-35, 35-100 f2.8) and the 100-300 F4-f5.6 and these combined weigh 1100 gram. The first two are weathersealed, excellent IQ and very fast for focustracking. The latter is okey, but a slow focusser...That is 24-600 mm of reach. And on a GH4 they all fit nicely.
My sis had the D7100 and now the D800e. Admirable camera's, I like them a lot. I agree that D7100 will be better for AF-c. It is simply a very good camera with great IQ for a good pricBut when size comes along, mFTs are truelly smaller.

Yes they are, but you are stating the obvious now.

How is that a "but". Why should I always state something not-obvious?

The EVF can be very handy, but also a problem sometimes (but that has almost vanished too).

EM1, is not EPL5 and no EM5. I think it is a viable option with some very very nice and small glass for it.

Umm - they all take the same glass and all do equally well with it don't they ?

No they don't. EM1 will AF all FT glas like native, the other two will slow them down signficantly.

The only thing that the E-M1 that offers any significant advantage over cheaper bodies like the E-PL5 or E-M10 is its PDAF capability which gives it better AF subject tracking.

And the use of FT lenses and much better weather and dustsealing (at least compared to EPL5), 1/8000s shutter + ISO 100 I believe i also a big plus, Indeed AFC, somewhat better video I read. Better ergonomics. Better physical controls. It is the only mFT cam, probably with GH4, that can fully replace a DSLR.

However its not that much better and if you really need good performance in that area a DSLR like the D7100 is what you need.

Not if I want IBIS, not if I want a much smaller system, not if I want great live view, not if I want a touchscreen, not if I want to use my FT glass on it, not if I want 100% reliable and accurate AF for portraits, not if I want

So for anything else you might just as well save some money and use cameras like the E-PL5 or the E-M10. Weather sealing and 5 axis stabilisation are not features that would influence my selection because they are so easily worked around.



There are reasons enough to get an EM1 and it is the combination of al those features that make it worthwhile. EM10 for instance for me is a no go. I find it a backward cam not offering. EPL5 is nice for what it does, i like to use it etc. But incomparable to my mind to a EM1 or GH4.

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