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Re: quite a question

Les Lammers, let me ask you something. When you say there is no controversy in raw processing with the X100, does this mean that you get easier, faster, and better FUJI looking images when you shoot with your Bayer X100 vs the Xtrans XE1? What's your opinion on this?

I made a little test here


My conclusion to our answer is, if you use Adobe products, you will get "easier / better" results with the X100 than the X-trans sensor.

To sum it up, the X-trans sensor rocks, but not with lightroom. Lightroom rocks, but not with X-trans.

For X-trans i will use other rawconverters, for Bayer i will continue to use adobe products. I hope, that adobe, will get better with time, so i can continue with the same workflow, that i know and are happy with.

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