The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

johnznyc wrote:

I always get a chuckle those who seem to be gleefully predicting Sony's demise, especially Nikon fans. What company will then manufacture Nikon's high-end sensors?

Even if "Sony" went under, the group that makes the sensors would continue under another name or management. Regardless, Nikon has multiple sensor suppliers and appears to have rights to much of the key technology because all of the 24MP APS-C sensors they have used are similar.

I also would like to comment that Nikon and Sony must have certain non-compete agreements,

The sensor used in the D800 & A7R may have had a limited exclusivity period for Nikon, but I doubt there is much else.

which is why Nikon has only a few mirrorless cameras and Sony only a few DSLRs,

Nikon has almost as many mirrorless models as Sony.  Sony has few DSLRs simply because they don't sell well.

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