The Sony A7s - Birders' dream camera?

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Re: The Sony A7s - Birds vs. Wildlife (Resolution vs. Sensitivity?)

parallaxproblem wrote:

The 36MP sensor in the A7R has a similar resolution to a 15MP sensor in an APS-C camera, the A7 equates to only around 10MP wheres the A7s resolution will offer under 6MP... latest APS-C sensors are 24MP

Resolution has really nothing to do with the size of the sensor!  It is solely the size of the photosites on the sensor that matters.  With a 50mm lens on my Canon 60D (18 MPixel APS-C sensor and 4.3 micron pixels) the resolution is 17.86 arcsec/pixel.  The same lens on my Sony A7R (36 MPixel full frame and 4.88 micron pixels) gives a resolution of 20.27 arcsec/pixel.  Putting the same lens on my NexImage 5 (5 Mpixel 1/3" sensor and 2.2 micron pixels) results in a resolution of 9.14 arcsec/pixel.

I'm anxiously awaiting the day (sometime in the far future) when I can acquire a full frame camera with 1 micron pixels, low noise and the reported sensitivity of the A7S  


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