So is the RX100m1,2,3 shooting experience as detached as DPR says?

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Re: So is the RX100m1,2,3 shooting experience as detached as DPR says?

It really, really depends on how you use a camera and what mix of things you do with it.

What Richard wrote about the lens ring is simply objective fact: its clickless and has a very irritating lack of response to slow, smooth motion. It's possible to turn it as far as your wrist allows without the camera responding in any way. Conversely, as Richard wrote you could turn it one way and back the same amount the other way without returning to your starting point setting.  But if you learn to apply an initial bit of acceleration when turning the ring and you're using it for a setting for which that makes sense, then you may rarely have a problem.

The inability to assign your favourite mix of exposure controls to the main function of both the lens ring and the rear dial can also a serious irritant -- if you like to roll your own exposure more often than you agree with the automatic exposure.

I happen to have hit upon a customization that works just fine for my needs, but that isn't going to be the case for many others. So I'd take Richard's shooting experience report as a warning that you may not be able to find a fluid configuration that works for you.

chiane wrote:

For those that have come from DSLR's, do they have it right or wrong? And if right, can this be overcome by customization and experience with it?

I have only gotten to play with a mark 2 for a short time at a store, and between the size, slow power zoom, and spinning the lens dial to change settings, it seemed a little 'point and shoot' to me and maybe more designed by engineers than photographers. But I really didn't customize settings and get a proper feel in such a short time, so I refuse to judge it yet without more experience. For those that have that experience, did any of you start off like this and your opinions changed after getting to know it?

The specs for this camera are amazing and I know I would love that aspect, I also want to want to love to shoot with it vs. being ambivalent. I am also comparing possibly buying a Ricoh GR, which doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but the shooter experience is said to be its strong suit.

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