Moving from Nikon DSLR to Sony a6000 - user control

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Re: Moving from Nikon DSLR to Sony a6000 - user control

Moto1d wrote:

Thanks for the replies gents.

On a side note,

I dont think Triggertrap makes the cable control yet do they? Is it possible to control the sony via an android or iphone for star trails?

I know there's a star trail app available from Sony, but I don't have it nor have I used it, so I'm not sure how it works.  As for control, there is Android remote control available in the apps store (free to download) and it works fairly well - and there's a time-lapse app too.  Not sure how the controls are with android phones and specialized shooting - I've only used it for basic tripod exposures.

I didnt check the actual camera but one forum stated it had no Bulb mode, this would seem a bit odd. Is this correct? Maybe I will look for an online manual.

There is a Bulb mode.

There is an online manual available which is fortunately much more extensive than the one that Sony provides with the camera - it's still not perfect, but at least covers all of the camera's functions!  Check the e-mount forum for a link to it - I've seen it posted/linked before.

A good point is that even though the battery life is short (400 shots) you can charge the battery via a usb direct connection.

Indeed - either via USB, or purchase the external charger.  Anyone with a previous NEX model can also use their older external charger (I use the one from my NEX-5N - I can charge batteries on the external side while also charging one internally via USB/wall charger...nice to be able to charge two simultaneously.

As I pointed out in a previos rwply to another thread I was supprised the Ziess 12mm lens was not as sharp as the 16-50mm at 16mm. this was based only on test shots in the shop store. Nor was the lens much wider than the 16mm. im sure the lens has qualities that I didnt have time to notice but based on initial impressions i think I would be going straight for the 10-18 sony lens for my landscape work.

Not sure on how the wide primes compare, but compared to the kit zoom, I think you'd get a lot of enjoyment out of the 10-18mm OSS - it's a very good lens, one of the better UWAs I've played with, and lovely for landscape/architecture work.

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