FE prime lenses: No OSS can lead to potentially blurred pictures?

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Re: FE prime lenses: No OSS can lead to potentially blurred pictures?

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Hello. Apart from other lenses that I plan to get for my Sony A7 (macro, uwa etc.), I also need a lens that will have a large aperture (f/2.8 or bigger) and also give me great results regarding background defocus and image sharpness (compositions of portraits, closeups and near objects that need a hefty amount of background defocus). I am thinking of getting one of Sony's native prime lens series (I need the AF feature) but none of them has OSS. Since many of these shots will be done handheld, I was thinking if there would be any stability issues that will render my pictures blurred and thus, useless.

The general rule of thumb for full frame sensors is the reciprocal of the focal length. This means that for the Zeiss SEL55F18Z (55mm, f/1.8) lens, the minimum shutter speed to avoid blur when hand-holding is faster than 1/55 sec. But what happens when we need to keep the ISO low and still shoot at (eventually) slower shutter speeds? How can we deal with the potential blur due to camera shake?

This leads to the need for OSS (2-3 stops) and I still don't know why Sony/Zeiss decided to omit this option from it's native prime lenses. Are we restricted to shoot at high ISOs or at max. aperture to avoid camera shake? Is this a potential deal breaker to get one of these primes?

Thanks in advance.

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My rule for my D800 is 1/FL if I'm lucky, the lens is heavy, and I'm having a steady day. In general though I use 1/(2xFL). The higher the MP the faster the shutter needs to be.

For my A7R (that is arriving tomorrow) I suspect I'll likely have to use 1/(2xFL) at least and likely faster than that due to the very low mass of the camera compared to my D800.

Good advice. I follow the 1/2xFL rule too.

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