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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

Digital Nigel wrote:

The latest issue of The Economist business magazine has an article on mirrorless cameras:

It's quite well-informed, though it probably doesn't cover anything that we don't know here. Sony does get a mention, but it's not about any one manufacturer. It covers developments like hybrid focusing and growing sensor sizes, but some people here may be unhappy with the last sentence of the article. This is the last para:

The Economist is a well regarded magazine that is published in London as far as I know.

It is difficult to argue with most of the last paragraph.

"As for sensor size, mirrorless cameras started off using mostly the Micro Four Thirds format, with an area 30% less than the standard APS-C sensor used in DSLR cameras, but nine times greater than those in compact cameras and smartphones.


While Panasonic and Olympus have stuck with Micro Four Thirds, most of the other mirrorless makers have now migrated to the bigger APS-C.

True but I would have used "selected" rather than "migrated".
FF: Sony, Leica
APSC: Samsung, Epson, Fuji, Hasselblad, Canon, Sony, Pentax; Ricoh
m4/3: Olympus, Panasonic, Kodak?
1" and other smaller sensor sizes: Nikon, Sony (fixed lens), Pentax

Apologies if I have missed any.

Sony and Leica now sell mirrorless cameras with a full-frame sensor (ie, the size of old 35mm film).

True with perhaps Fuji to follow?

Canon and Nikon have put a toe into the mirrorless market with some products.


But unless they embrace the technology wholeheartedly, the big innovation in photography is likely to remain stuck in a niche."

This is really the only part that is open to comment. Whatever you think about Canon and Nikon, it would certainly be a major boost to mirrorless if they seriously entered the market. This would be a very positive development for all fans of mirrorless cameras - more choice can only be better for the consumer whatever you brand loyalty.

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