D7100, some bird images and an interesting experience with focus

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D7100, some bird images and an interesting experience with focus

Last week, spent a wonderful time at RSPB Ynys Hir in Wales. This is a wonderfully bird rich site, and at this time of year, the trees are full of birds, including many youngsters chasing parents demanding food!

However, on the first day, I was preparing for disaster. Despite the wonderful clarify in the VF, each image was obviously, badly out of focus. Didn't really appreciate this until I got home that evening. This was also after I painstaking MFA'd the 300mm f2.8 + TC2 III on the D7100. The next morning, things looked equally bad, and I was beginning to imagine I would return with no images at all. Checked a few things, including MFA settings, and failed to make any improvements. In some despair, I did a complete system reset (two button) and then quickly returned the camera to my standard settings (centre point, spot metering, auto ISO to 1600, min shutter about 1/640th), RAW plus JPEG) and with no MFA and tried again. Bingo! The images were sharp again. Phew.

I am wondering if I had a problem with repeated changing the MFA settings that somehow managed to confused the MFA completely, beyond a simple 'off' selection. Or, do I have a dodgy D7100?

The final outcome was, however, satisfactory, as I can away with lots of images that I am happy with - obviously, want them closer and sharper, but these are acceptable. Hope you enjoy them.

A few other rules of bird photography (any others?)

  1. A bird that is smaller than a single focus square in the VF willl NEVER give a good image! That does not stop you trying!
  2. The bird likes to place a twig or leaf between it and the lens
  3. The birds sees a lens pointing at it as a cue to fly off
  4. Birds can anticipate a shutter press by a few 10's of milliseconds and move just as it closes.


Female pied flycatcher

Female redstart

Juv Nuthatch

Juv Stonechat

Juv Whitethroat

Juv Wheatear

Male Pied Flycatcher

TreeCreeper - nightmare to find and focus!

Nikon D7100
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