Moving from Nikon DSLR to Sony a6000 - user control

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Re: Moving from Nikon DSLR to Sony a6000 - user control

Moto1d wrote:

I had my first play with the a6000 today and after using a dslr (D7000) for a few year I found it hard to accept the fact the majority of the settings are accessed via the screen. No small LCD, no ISO buttons etc etc.

There is no top LCD, but essentially the main LCD functions the same - the settings are displayed there, but the changes are made with direct buttons for the most part.

There is an ISO button - it's by default set to the right click of the 4-way is also a customizable control, so it can be placed on any of the 8 different button locations on the camera.

The camera itself is highly customizable, so you have 8 different buttons on the body where you can assign the controls you desire - most key photographic controls can be or are placed on these buttons - drive mode, ISO, WB, EV, etc.

There is also an Fn menu - it's a smaller submenu where up to 12 regularly accessed controls can be placed, making it fairly easy to access them without diving into the main menu.

Once you get all your custom buttons set up, and start using the Fn button loaded with all necessary controls you'll need, you should be much more comfortable with the camera.

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