For me A6000 + 55-210 not good for action

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Re: Is the firmware updated on the 55-210?

123Mike wrote:

Holy crap, talking about action...

So, what techniques did you use? Looking at this, I would approach it the same way as I do snapping the kids' soccer game:

  • AF-C
  • Large area flexible spot, placed at center
  • Place subject (car) smack in the middle at all times
  • A-mode, f/5.6 for the 105 lens
  • Center weighted exposure
  • 0EV exposure compensation
  • Dont' fully zoom in, to create cropping/framing/tilting room for PP

I would expect a well above 90% success rate with that, possibly above 95% even, if not, closer to 100% really. The ones that screw up are most of the time probably the ones where the subject wasn't in the middle. Hence the "large" area flexible spot (plain center feature, box isn't sizeable).

Zone focus is an option, but there you have to be careful that something closer doesn't fall into the zone. Like the road in front of it... There is some smart voodoo logic that prevents focusing on the ground I think... So, zone although helpful at times, is not something I prefer.

So, what is your strategy capturing action like this?

For the swimmer flexible spot for drifting Zone focus area preferable left from the way the car appears in the frame and jumping in the air motocross wide focus area.

When panning take care not to close aperture over f11 other wise you will loose the PDAF from a6000 and it will jump in to contrast AF area.

The a6000 is a very good camera and can replace any DSLR in this type of pictures. The 70-200G is very good lens and lighting fast in AF but as you can see I used also a not very expensive lens 18-105G and the results are the same.

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