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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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nevercat wrote:

JonTafferOfPhotography wrote:

when canikon finally make their full frame mirrorless move, I think all others will be left in the dust.

Yes that was said a few years back too: When Canon and Nikon finaly make their mirrorless cameras, they take over themarket...

I know both have their "systems"on the market, but look who are the biggest sellers of mirrorles cameras!

primarily including sony.

Well Sony is the only brand that sells mirrorless FF cameras (I don't count rangefinders as mirrorless)

that said, I think we are several years (3-8 years or more) away from mirrorless cameras that perform (viewfinder/AF) in low light like a DSLR.

But the question is: are the new mirrorless cameras good enough for most of us?

When I look at the performance of my Nex 5, it is focussing not as fast as my A700, but it focusses fast enough for 90% of my pictures taken. When I look at low light performance (focussing and use flash) it is capable of doing a lot look here:

Taken in complete dark with Nex 5, flash was used to take the picture AF assist lamp wqas used to focus

Is mirrorless as fast in focussing in the dark as a high end DSLR? no, but they are closing in fast. Is the EVF as good as a DSLR OVF in the dark? Well when you look at refresh rate and noise, no!

But the EVF of a mirrorless is so much better in normal adn good light, it shows the effect of the whitebalance setting, the effect of the exposure settings, you can zoom in to focus better, you can getzebra patterns and focus peeking, you can see what a picture effect does and it shows 100% covarage in a cheapo camera, show me any DSLR camara new, with kit lens under the $800 that gives you that! EVFs are getting better to, and at some point only two groups stay with OVF: the people who takes professionaly very special kind of photography and the people who just don't adapt to the new time, all others, professioanl and amaturee will swithch in the next 10 years to EVF.

Then you talk about professionals, these people have invested a lot of money in the right lenses for their system and they invested a lot of time in learning their system, so it is very unlikely that they will switch to a camera that is better for them, but they have to buy new lenses and learn the new system again. You will see that most professionals don't buy every new version of their camera, the camera they own is most of the times good enough for the job, only (some) amatures buy new versions of their camera when it comes out...

When Canon and Nikon don't come out with a serious mirrorless camera soon they will loose this market to others (like Olympus and Sony) and in the end they will loose the total amature market, as they don't show much answer to the RX1, RX10 and RX100 range either...

stationary subject at close distance , not really a stressor, your AF assist light lit up the only thing in the scene and you are using thick DoF.

When the AF light would not be able to light the subject, the flash would not be able too, so there would be nothiong to focus on, even for a DSLR!

or that photo looks like you missed the moment, possibly due to a laggy EVF or a slow and easily confused AF system in low light.

What are you saying? This foto was exactly what I wanted, a kit looking true a telscope to the moon, kit, telescope and moon are all in the frame and at the way it was meant to be...

just because you get random photos in focus is not the same thing as getting the photos you want in focus in low light like you can with a DSLR.

Well I use a DSLR (A700) too and you know what? this evening with my Nex 5, I got all the pictures I took in focus, but maybe it is that I know how to use my camera...

finally, I wouldn't speak about the lens burdens of professional photographers when you are clearly not a professional photographer. most of us have bought and sold, and loaded and reloads full suites of lenses over the years. not to mention we can deduct the cost of new lenses, and also the amount of loss due to sale from our taxes. this tax benefit alone makes upgrading gear materially lower than you would think since you are not a small business owner (otherwise you'd already know this)

I'm not a professional photographer, no, but I know some, and none of them want to change system for the reasons I told: They invested in their system (lenses flash etc.) and learned to use their system, and they all told me that it was for that they did not like to change system to often. Yes they do buy a new lens or camera when needed, but never they would change system, unless there was a very good reason....

finally we know when and how to sell, and when and how to refurb our gear. to have five figures tied up in glass is of course significant, but when you shoot every day, it is no doubt less significant than it would be to someone like yourself.

So you are telling that a photographer does not think twice befor buying a new system when they have tens of thousands of dollars in that system? Well now I understand why some of them get broke!

I fully expect to sell and reload every lens I own in the next 3-6 years. I look forward to it for the performance boost. because that is simply the only thing I care about, performance.

But do you sell all your lenses at the same time to buy new ones, or do you sell them one by one and do you stick to the same system?
When you stick to the same system you do that as you have a lot of money an experience in that system and you want to keep that investment, like every well thinking bussinessman would.

a pro will do whatever is required to adapt

in all things.

if I need to dump all my gear and tap my HELOC to make the jump to nikon full frame professional mirrorless,

that is simply what I will do.

but until then, im pretty happy with what I have

and nikon knows they will have to not only meet, but beat that performance in order to release a camera of that caliber and not have it fail like the Pentax k-01.

canon and nikon are slow but they have the long view

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