Digital ND Filter?

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Re: Digital ND Filter?

Levan wrote:

steelhead3 wrote:

A number of Sony cameras have a ND built in (7s, rx10, rx 100III etc.)

Don't these compact cameras havehysical ND filter? How digital MD filter is possible? If you don't put an extra glass before the sensor, it will get exposed anyway. You can not digitally reduce light. You can darken the scene digitally, but it want make your exposure "correct" or shutter speed slower. Am I missing something?

I don't know about Sony cameras, but I'm pretty sure my Oly XZ-1 has a physical 3-stop ND filter that moves into place when you activate it in the menu. Useful for staying around f/2 or so outside.

All digital cameras essentially have a 'digital ND filter -' it's lower ISO. My understanding is that base ISO is already as low as the sensor can go in terms of signal gain, so there's no physical way for the sensor to be any less sensitive. Oly has implemented a mode called "ISO LOW" into their more recent firmware updates, which allows the camera to simulate ISO 100 (where base ISO is 200), but what the software does is simply darken the image - what you gain in lack-of-sensitivity you lose in DR - highlights are apparently clipped by 1 EV.

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