For me A6000 + 55-210 not good for action

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Re: Is the firmware updated on the 55-210?

Happy Jones, the A6000 is not working for you, so return it. You will be dissapointed over it all the time. The only thing is, you probably will be dissapointed with every camera/lens in his price class. And lookj at the test on this site, they claim: In all, over 70% of the 43-shot sequence are usefully sharp, and still more are tolerably in focus.

Yes they tested it with a more expensive lens, way pore expensive that is. But I find it strange that people think they can do action photography with a new camera just out the box. It is a kind of art, you have to learn it. Doy you realy think that JUstin here had the great results he get from the first moment he used a camera/lens? He learned it too and had many misses in the learning process. When you expect the camera do all the work you are wrong with every camera. When you expect you can use the saqme settings for every situation, you will be dissapiointed more then once...

So when a camera is not working for you you can do two things, you can return it or learn it. In the first case you will find that other cameras have there own learning currve too. and you will be equaly dissapointed, with the second option you learn to work with your camera and use it in the way that the results will be great. And no there is no autofocus system that will work on over 10 FPS and shoot every frame perfect in focus, so you have to live with a lower keeper rate then when you use single focus on a single shot...

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