Sick of losing Soft Release buttons?

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Sick of losing Soft Release buttons?

OK for those of you who don't use them, they are a great tool to reduce camera shake if used properly, and not lost. If lost they increase camera shake due to frustration and the (quite high!) cost of replacement.

Maplins to the rescue.

Screw Set 60 Pack

Hidden in the cover are some white (silicone) and black (rubber) washers or o-rings.

For my Match Technical Red Ladybird Soft Release the right combination was 1x white silicone washer closest to the actual button end (i.e. put it on first), plus one black one (put it on second).

YMMV for different soft releases. You may have less or more space between the button and the soft release.

I previously had a soft release from Decamera in Singapore which I liked too. 8mm or 9mm, max 10mm diameter. Avoid aluminium, find brass or tougher materials.

If you are not in the UK try your local enthusiast computer store, find one that does anti-vibration washers and other "case gear" for the people who customise their PC cases.

The black o-rings are the same small o-rings used for the "M3" screws. You could try to stack a few of these washers/o-rings.  M3 screws are normally used for mounting optical drives, the 6/32 screw size might be too large- again YMMV.

I'm hoping this will help, time will tell (I normally only take a week or two to lose a Soft Release).

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