For me A6000 + 55-210 not good for action

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re: so... we're getting a 1/2-performance from a 1/2-priced camera??

arbuz wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

arbuz wrote:

"I am not a pro sports photographer. The pros are a lot better than I am, trust me."

"I was working with one lens; other Sony lenses are undoubtedly different than the FE 70-200"

So he was using fastest focusing lens available.

"I got many bursts of 8 to 12 images with 3 to 6 sharp shots."

" The camera will get 2 or 3 sharp in a row, then 2 or 3 soft, then back to sharp again. The collage image of the runner gives a sense of this. In a fairly small minority of my burst sequences, I saw 7 or 8 consecutive soft frames before the camera recovered."

D4s is just a marketing talk. The conclusion is thatn A6000 is worse than D4s - obviously. No comparison to peers or other DSLRs. But from the test one can see that there is nothing to rave about.

we're getting a 50%-performance from a 50%-priced camera: pretty often used excuse to white-wash any shortcomings, and to obfuscate possible performance or IQ issues, which tend to pop up with surprising regularity !! :

It's never the case with high end. You pay big premium for small increase in top-end models. However increase in this scenario is between good tracking AF and bad tracking AF.

indeed, [a lack of] good and reliable AF-C tracking is the pretty obvious issue here - quite inexplicable too, as the "user's error" as and excuse is a clear red herring !!

but then... if so... why the opposition to the very idea of asking Sony to give us a state-of-the-art, top-notch camera with no such issues???? for... the whole price!!

Sony is not able to do it. Is A99 comparable in AF with D4s?

while the rule of diminishing returns is certainly true, the reference point of the D4s is most falsely set way too high (both prie and performance wise) - even the lowly and about 4 years old EOS 7d (of a comparable price point to the a6k currently) can be relied on to yield close to 99% keepers ratio in the scenario shown by OP !!


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