The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Don't knock it, they have a business model that works, it's anchored firmly in the distant past and relies on the base staying uninformed, but it turns a profit so more power to them. Just don't confuse it with discussions of quality.

Indeed. Just ask GM, Ford and Chrysler. Like Canon/Nikon, they sat around with their thumbs up their butts while the world changed around them. Yet they remained stuck in the same old/same old, and expected nobody would notice. Too late, they tried to hide beneath the American flag, hoping it wouldn't expose their incompetence.

They lost the initiative, then lost their dominance. The scale is different, but the same thing is happening in photography. I doubt the Japanese government will expend $billions to bale out Canon & Nikon.

cars are not systems

they are effectively appliances

false analogy

unrealated but,

also take a guess who sold the most cars in the USA?

a pick up truck would be a better example in this field

pick up trucks are systems

you can buy standardized or proprietary components that fundamentally reorder functionality for the user. things like snow plows, various trailers, etc.

guess who sells the most pick up trucks in the world? (spoiler: the same group of folks who always have)

also, 18-wheelers are like medium format in the example, since they are a specific type of pro only gear. funny how the number one maker of 18-wheelers is a Scandinavian company. funny.

summed up:

the causal user market is like the car market, changing on a whim mostly on price (remember the camera in a smartphone is essentially free , if people didn't already have them, they wouldn't be touting the connectivity, which alone has not proven to be a driver of sails) the entry level crop sensor DSLR is within this market as well. mirrorless should already own this entire segment, it frankly odd that it doesnt.

the serious image maker market is like the pick up truck market, system = customized and optimized power (enthusiasts and most professional Photojournalistic folks are here, since we basically can use all the same tools, yes there are differing stratified needs)

high end portrait and landscape full time pro market is like the 18-wheeler, peerless in its application, seemingly ridiculous pricing to the uninformed, and dominated by Scandinavians, lol!

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