The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

Dandrewk wrote:

JonTafferOfPhotography wrote:



Honestly Jon. That's just a tad weak, don't you think?

I don't get it. Looking at Canon/Nikon forums, I see a lot of hapless resignation that Sony is taking over the world. Tons of threads about "baling out and turning to mirrorless".

Yet, over here, VERY few threads about returning to DSLRs. We can't all be fan boys, can we?

<coming from a lifelong Nikon owner>

no. again think before you post.

that poster was touting cameras with sensors available elsewhere (yet with far inferior image processing and output) and the use of adapted M glass, which by the way has been proven to perform horribly together, especially in the corners.

not to mention, the poster seems to imply that the use of adapted M lens won't also be possible on canikon's ff pro mirrorless cameras of the future. which they obviously will. therefore listing out a long list of various leica lenses is a rather meaningless effort, I guess this poster just wants to show off that he knows what they are, and who cares about that.

its obvious fanboyism. I'm only explaining it to you, because you've already demonstrated a need for my help.

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