Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

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Re: Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

chiane wrote:

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chiane wrote:

Is a ricoh gr not competition?

Only when you want high image quality in a compact package. GR has a prime lens and not a zoom, no EVF, no tilt screen and lots of other limitations compared to RX100-3. Of course it has also some advantages compared to RX100 e.g. ergonomics, but it's a VERY different concept.

Isn't 'high image quality in a compact camera' kind of the whole ball of wax in this genre? If you want to start picking features like tilt screen to define competition, where does that end? Every camera diverges at some point in the feature list.

Not necessarily. Many people, probably most, would gladly trade off the zoom lens and more versatile focal range of the RX100 rather than go for a fixed lens with notably better image quality. As with everything, it's up to what's important to a given shooter. I'm personally more of a prime lens user and the Ricoh GR or Nikon A is vastly superior to any of the RX100 models for me. I have a Nikon A and for my specific uses and preferences, it's a vastly better camera than the RX100 and slightly better than the Ricoh GR. But that's just me - more people prefer zooms (whether in a pocket camera or mirrorless system camera or DSLR).

And then beyond whether it has a zoom or a fixed lens, there are all of the detailed features you're talking about. A viewfinder is critical for some people and others don't care one way or the other. Some feel equally strongly about a flip up screen. I personally find a step zoom (when I do shoot a zoom rather than a prime) essential and I'm equally picky about things like manual focus distance scales and auto-ISO controls. Some people like really small sub-compact cameras that fits in a pocket like the RX100 and others prefer slightly larger cameras that they find easier or more pleasurable to shoot with.

Image quality is always a key consideration, but we all have different definitions of what's good enough and trade that off against other features that are important to us. IQ is big, but it's not the ONLY thing... If it was, we'd all be shooting D800s or medium format cameras...

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