The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Why is mirrorless not jet the biggest in camera land?

When looking at the sales of mirrorless they keep far behind the sales of DSLRs, How come? I give you my point of view in this:

The first mirrorless cameras (I don't count rangefinders in this) came out 5 years ago. Panasonic and Olympus came with them for just one reason: They could not compeed with the big two (Canon and Nikon) in the DSLR market.

The first generations of the mirrorless cameras were far behind the cheapest DSLRs in both technology (Slow AF, no or not very good EVF, not very good in low light etc) and there was an other problem: people did not know why they should buy a mirrorless, it was not cheaper then a DSLR and it was not better then a DSLR and there where hardly nolenses for them, and the mirrorless cameras were bigger then most P&S cameras... And there was a marketing problem: real pros used a DSLR, real pros make better pictures then people with a simple P&S, so to make better pictures I need a DSLR (people forget thet the real pros have years of learning and "the sight". There were no pros using a mirrorless camera, and as long as the system was just aimed at amatures they would stay with the DSLRs

When the competition came in the mirrorless market, with Samsung, Sony, Fuji, Pentax, Nikon and Canon, the quality of the mirrorless changed too. There came high end mirrorless cameras (by Fuji) there came versy small mirrorless (by Pentax and recently by Panasonic) And Sony did what everybody thought was impossible, they made a APS-c ILC camera that was smaller then the M43 cameras!

Thanks to the competition the IQ possible with mirrorless cameras was as good as that possible with (APS-c) DSLRs. And new lenses came out, ranged from cheape low end, to the expensive high end. Slowly some pros became interested in mirrorless, maily as their backup system. But the huge investment in lenses they had made for their Canon and /or Nikon cameras made it hard to switch, so most pros still use the DSLRs...

Now Sony did come with the FF mirrorless cameras they started the third wave, the camera is not to big, it has grat IQ and the lenses that come with it are of very high quality. Now there is just one thing Sony must make better: sevice to the pros. If they can get that done, they will slowly gaim marketshare under the pros. They will not make tons of proffit there, as the pro market is not very large, but it is very good for marketing when you can tell that the latest world press photo is shot with your camera, or the famous photographer is using your camera...

We see that mirrorless is slowly winning marketshare. DSLR and (most) P&S are loosing market share.

We will see that the mirrorless will take over in the end, but it will take a lot of years...

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