System with best "bang for buck" lenses?

Started Jun 8, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Normal range - FF, extreme range - APS-C or m43

thechoson wrote:

Obviously soliciting opinions as I guess this doesn't really have a real answer. But the mantra is "lenses over bodies". There are lots of systems out there - Canon, Nikon, Micro 4/3, Fuji, Sony. Which one in your opinion has the best "bang for buck" lenses?

I say "bang for buck" because if it's expensive enough, I think any system can produce a solid lens. Just wondering which system has a good assortment of high IQ / performance lenses that are solid values.

If you mostly shot within the semi wide - normal - portrait range it is hard to beat the value of FF - for instance the Nikon 28 1.8G, 35 1.8G, 50 1.8G, 85 1.8G series. Look at DXO how they scores.

If you shot mostly at the more extreme ends, the smaller formats tends to be cheaper for the same FOV.

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