The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

Jesper Frickmann wrote:

Interesting read, thanks for the link! I think that mirrorless is the logical future of serious scameras. But I also find that it is only recently that we have seen products that are ready for prime time. NEX-6 was close, but is held back mainly by the poorly designed firmware. I still love my '6 though. A6000 completely closed the gap to a prosumer dSLR IMHO. I expect that sales will continue to improve. As for pro cameras, the A7 range is the first stab at that segment. They still need to improve AF speed and get many more lenses developed. In one or two generations, I believe that they will be very competitive in the pro segment as well. CaNikon and Pentax better have something good and mirrorless in their pipelines, or they will go the same way that Kodak went...

I think technology is soon going to get to the day where (1) Mirrorless cameras routinely provides equal or better photos in a smaller body, (2) EVFs provide unquestionably better information, (3) a rich software ecosystem (like that of smartphones) that allows the camera to efficiently interact with other systems becomes an expectation of younger consumers, and (4) audio recording capabilities will become more important as video continues to become more important.

It seems to me the future will depend on whether Canon/Nikon can, component for component, keep up with Sony. When you look at a lot of key components, I get the impression that canon/nikon just aren't going to get there.

Moreover, the camera market isn't what it used to be and electronics keep converging. If canon and nikon want to be anything other than producers of niche professional products in 10 years I think they probably need to merge with manufacturers in the computer/mobile space.

Primary point of all this being that I think Sony looks like the camera company with the most secure future at this point in time.  A7, A6000, RX100? No one seems capable of keeping pace with Sony's development.

That said, I am kind of writing this with a curiosity as to what holes can be found in my arguments.

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