The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

JonTafferOfPhotography wrote:

textbook false analogy. cellphones are not systems. please think before you post.

maybe we are talking about 2 different types of users, because of the dozens and dozens of my professional colleagues, zero have switched to mirrorless. amateurs may love them, but in my eyes they are just a gateway drug to DSLR. And for the amateur folks who "switched" from DSLRs, they probably owned cheap plastic crop sensor POSs and 2 slow kit zooms anyways. no one who depends on the camera for a living (in low light) can comfortably shoot mirrorless right now.

mirrorless EVFs do not perform like DSLRs in low light. if you took photos in low light with flash to pay your bills, you'd already know that.

i own and love the a6000, my 4yo nikon d5100 focuses better in low light by a wide wide margin, especially accuracy in AF-C.

sony a7/a7r are amateur systems, that's why we see all the slow glass. that said, you can shoot "pro" landscape/portrait on just about anything. so yeah, fauxtographers like trey ratcliff are pretty happy right now (because he doesn't care about adapted lens corner performance).

when canikon make their pro systems they will have us in mind. we saw this same thing happen with film vs. digital, but for other market segments. canikon moves painfully slow, but they have the long view. and when they move, it will be their mirrorless systems you will lust after. you can plug your ears and hum "nuh-uh" all day and night until you realize this. mark my words.

Text book nonsense response, filled with inaccuracies and laced with  over-simplifications and generalized pronouncements.  Please think before you post.

Resorting to "dozens and dozens of my professional colleagues" has zero meaing.  I can show you "dozens and dozens" who HAVE switched to mirrorless, typically the ones that aren't owned and/or supported by Canon or Nikon.  Likewise, I can show you "dozens and dozens" of professionals who haven't made the great leap to digital... and I'll bet they still hold to the attitude that only amateurs and "fauxtographers" are using these newfangled devices.

But there's no point in continuing this back and forth, especially when you post things about DSLRs having  better low light performance than mirrorless.

Oh, and I can't remember the last time I've resorted to using a flash.  And yes, I shoot professionally.

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