The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

bugeyed wrote:

bluevellet wrote:

bugeyed wrote:

I hate it when people mix math values like "30% less than the standard APS-C sensor used in DSLR cameras, but nine times greater than those in compact cameras". It is no way to make a comparison.


Suggest a better comparison. Cell phone sensors tend to be smaller.

My point is, one should use the same values when making comparisons. Either % or multiples. Mixing them does not make for a good comparison IMO.

Actually, it does, and the article does the right thing.

It's easier for a reader to comprehend the comparison when it's expressed as a number from 1-100. When a small difference is mentioned, expressing that in % is easier for the reader, e.g. 30% easier to read than 1.3. When a difference is huge, it's easier for the reader to express it as # times, e.g. 9 times is easier to read than 9000%.

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