The Sony A7s - Birders' dream camera?

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Re: The Sony A7s - Birds vs. Wildlife (Resolution vs. Sensitivity?)

Alex P Scorsch wrote:

I think the Sony A7s would be the wildlife and bird photographer's dream camera. When the birds and animals are active it's usually about 6:00 am and relatively dark, especially in the rainforest were I often shoot. With the high ISO capabilities and the small apertures of long telephoto lenses this might be a great choice. One only has to decide if one wants to live with the relatively low pixel count. I think it would be worthwhile, even if adapters are in order for the "big guns".

Sony A7R(esolution)...  Sony A7S(ensitivity)

A blend of the two would be nice but at the moment it doesn't exist, or maybe I just haven't seen it... Or maybe I'm already using it in the A7R?

Lot of talk about using an APS-C sized sensor vs. full frame.  It isn't the size of the sensor that determines resolution.  It is the size of the pixels.  An APS-C sensor with the same size pixels as a full frame camera just gives you less field-of-view; no gain or loss in resolution.  An APS-C sensor may "appear" to give you better resolution but it simply shows a cropped full frame image; the reason for the name, "crop mode sensor"!

If you want resolution for those birds and small, distant targets go the A7R route (or a camera with an APS-C sensor with the same or smaller pixels).  If you want the dusk/dawn light gathering, get closer or use a longer lens and (maybe) go the A7S route.

No one has really had a chance to full evaluate an A7S (the reason for the "maybe" above) but I have used an A7R since Nov. '13 and it is pretty darn nice for both resolution and reasonable image quality at higher ISO's, i.e.: up to ISO3200 + a bit.

You mentioned adapters.  I adapt Canon, Pentax, Minolta, M42 and T2 lenses to the A7R.  Plan to go manual focus and focus peaking for those action shots, autofocus is a bit slow!  Lots of good manual lenses/telescopes available new/used to choose from...  You may already have them in your lens collection?  I don't own any Sony lens, except a 28-70mm zoom I was given, so maybe their adapters give better performance; don't know?


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