Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Re: Nikon D4s: Comparing the DPR test images

jennyrae wrote:

do not know if you told people that color perception also vary from person to person. even say certain ethnicity or race look at color differently and see much color better in real life. it is not simple as looking at B&W or infrared. color sensitivity can be tricky.

I in agreement that colors is much of preference whether true to life, abstract or overcooked. this is reason why people choose different cameras and lenses to which effect optical sensory perception of colors. objective in a subjective way.

Of course it is - color perceptions varies for a lot of reasons, physical and psychological.  However, when you have 15 students that have reached a certain level and think they know something and want to demonstrate it by ripping other's photographs because their color is "wrong" or "not realistic," etc., you need a "come to Jesus" moment so they will shut up and hopefully learn something.

There is a reason that the only color images I print are those my wife demands. Even then I have been known to tell her "this looks much better in B&W" - take it or leave it.

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