Opinion on Panasonic G3+100-300 for African safari

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Re: Opinion on Panasonic G3+100-300 for African safari

I think it is not such a bad idea to go for two cameras of the same brand. The big advantage of the G3 is its size. If a bigger camera is not a problem, might be a good idea to switch. The ability to invest in one system instead of two is a big advantage.

As for the difference in effective focal length: I do not completely agree. Your math is okay, but due to the difference in sensor size (4:3 vs 3:2) the difference in sensor height is smaller than that in sensor diameter (which is how the crop factors are determined). When I zoom or crop in wildlife images I found myself mostly using subject height in the frame as the defining factor.

I found that in shooting wildlife with a Canon APS-C camera and a micro 43rds camera, there is not that much difference in real life when shooting at equal focal lengths (300mm). Much less than many would make you believe.

So go with the thing that feels best. You won't regret that.

Rajeshb wrote:

Hi everybody,

greetings. This is my first post in m4/3rd forum and I am bothering you with a question.

I will be working in Africa this summer as an intern and after my work finishes, my wife will join me in Tanzania for a safari. My wife uses a Pana G3 only when we travel (she is a casual photographer) and I use a Nikon D7000 (I am a serious landscape photographer).
I will bring my D7000+tamron 70-300 VC for the safari and I planned to rent a Panasonic 100-300 for her G3. I planned to use the G3 as a back up to my Nikon and also to use it when 450 effective focal length of the Tamron would not be sufficient.
In the mean time, I posted an ad to sell the G3 in craigslist and I am getting a good price for it, with which I can buy a Nikon D5100 and rent another 70-300 for her during the safari.
Now I am in dilemma about what to do with my G3. One reason for posting the ad was that my wife uses a 14-42 on G3 and if she wish to do some serious shooting, it will be difficult for us to buy lenses for two different systems. If I buy a Nikon D5100 she could use my lenses. I also like the idea of a back up camera from the same brand.

but if we buy the D5100 then we will loose the advantage of 600mm effective focal length of panasonic 100-300.
In this respect I would appreciate your suggestion on the panasonic combo. I am mostly interested to use it for the reach. So, please share your experience of using it at 300 mm, optical quality and autofocus speed etc. please also share if you have experience of using both the systems.

Thank you very much in advance


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