Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Truman Prevatt
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Re: Nikon D4s: Comparing the DPR test images

Scottelly wrote:

I agree with you about the color from the SD1. It seems screwed up to me . . . but the photos from Foveon sensors often are "different" from photos produced by other camera. That's one thing I like about them. Maybe it's because I like to be different, but I like to think the Foveon sensors have an ability to capture/reproduce the colors of real life better than other sensors. Sometimes I think the Foveon sensor fails in that mission, but other times I am incredibly happy with its performance. I've seen inconsistency in color reproduction from other cameras too . . . my Sony A55, my Canon 5 D, my Nikon D5000, etc.

Back a long time ago when I was teaching photography, I dreaded the advanced color course.  We actually drew straws for that one with the short straw getting stuck;-).  I would have rather taught with beginners that couldn't load a roll of film on a reel and spilling developer all over themselves and me than to deal with the advanced color course.  Why - color.  It always amazed me when people commented on "realistic color" and I asked them is this the color you saw when you took the picture.  More often than not there was a deer in the headlights look that ensued.  Of course it was but it was how they perceived the color - not how it was.  Color generates an emotional response - sometimes sub-conscience but there none the less.

Early on in the course we would take a field trip with my 4x5 and polaroid back - the only way to get instant feed back in those days.  We would select a scene. I would then take the shot and as the image was developing I would walk them away from the scene.  Then I would pass the image around and ask, "is that the exact colors you saw." Then when we went back and held the image up to the scene - more often than not people didn't know or were wrong.

Our mind tends to perceive the colors that pleases us - not the way they are in reality.  They are close - green is green but there are a million shades of green.  This did one thing - it kept the arguments down when we looked at each others images about how your color was off since they learned a very valuable lesson from that field trip.

In reality your image is about your vision - manipulation of color is part of the artistic tool box at our disposal.

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