Crop Factor. Something to consider when buying a lens when you are shooting other than FF.

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Does it actually matter?

The problem described is pretty much exaggerated.
Sure there is differences in DOF, and light gathering.
But does it really matter in the end?

IMHO the answer is NO it doesn't matter to most people.
and YES it does, if the camera can't do what you need it for.

Now the problem is that the 'what you need it for' is probably different to everybody.
Then there is also a pretty big group that think they need the shallow DOF of FF but will never use it or can't achieve it because they bought the wrong lenses for achieving the extreme shallow DOF and therewith could have gotten away with APS-C and the less expensive faster aperture primes that are available for it.

Therewith you should think about your own specific needs only and the purpose you want to use your camera for. In many (probably even most) circumstances you would find that APS-C can already deliver to your specific needs, and if it really doesn't then you would need FF or even larger.

Considering that DOF at f1.2 or f1.4 is most often too shallow at normal subject distance on a FF camera. You will need the lens to stop down anyway to meet your required deeper DOF that you want to achieve (the important parts in focus, front and back OOF to the point you desire)

At the same time in most cases you would find out that the crop camera full open at f1.2 or f1.4 can deliver the DOF that you where looking for. Not needing to stop down the lens.

That said there are of course circumstances that you would rather have a shallower DOF which you could achieve with the FF camera but can't achieve with the APS-C camera.

But to my believe in many if not most of the circumstances you can get away with an APS-C camera and don't actually need FF for what you wanted to achieve in the first place.
That said : Buy the equipment that YOU need for your purpose, not what other people tell you that you need.

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