Opinion on Panasonic G3+100-300 for African safari

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Re: Opinion on Panasonic G3+100-300 for African safari

I use a D7000 and the G3 as well. I own the Tamron 70-300 VC for the Nikon, and I used to own the Panasonic 100-300.

The 100-300 is a decent lens, but not great or super great. In good light you shouldn't have problems getting good shots of slow moving subjects. Fast moving subjects can be a problem as the AF speed of the 100-300 is a bit slow. The OIS isn't as good as the VC on the Tamron, but helps a little. The lens isn't as sharp at the long end, and benefits from stopping down to 7.1 or so. Bokeh on the 100-300 is a little better than the Tamron- less nervous. If money were no object I would have kept the l100-300, but I sold it to fund another purchase. For now, the 70-300 VC is my telephoto lens while I wait for my preordered 150-600 VC to arrive.

If your wife uses the G3 in iA mode, doesn't mind the size, and doesn't shoot much video the D5100 would be a good replacement for the G3. The thing I hate about the low end Nikons is the lack of external controls for basic things like AF mode and ISO. For me, the lack of these features would make the D5100 a downgrade from the G3. But if she doesn't use the controls on the back of the camera much she may prefer the D5100 (better IQ, better battery life, shared lenses and accessories, nothing to accidentally bump).

I don't have experience with African safaris, so I can't give any advice there. But Thom Hogan has on his site. Seems like good info to me.

The Nikon and m43 systems both have their advantages. For me, the wide through short tele primes are the main draw of m43. m43 long telephoto lenses are just okay. I think your choice is only difficult because both of your proposed alternatives are good choices. Good luck to you, and enjoy the trip!

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