System with best "bang for buck" lenses?

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mirror-less systems...?

If you don't mind shooting in manual you can use all kinds of old lenses on mirror-less cameras... and if you're using the A7 series Sony's you can preserve the true focal length of those lenses. I use an m4/3 camera with an adaptor and some of my old manual focus Nikon lenses and that seems to work pretty well. I'm at a disadvantage though for that if I want to go wide, but with one of those new speed-booster adaptors I can restore much of the true focal length of those lenses. There are some cheaper lenses made for the m4/3 system, though noting like the range of what's available for Canon/Nikon stuff. Still, I see some nice m4/3 lenses going used for pretty cheap and the fact that the system (or really any mirror-less system is so adaptable to use with old lenses is pretty nice... The little bit that I've done on my Panasonic with old Nikon (and one Canon) lenses has been pretty promising. Folks complain about the focusing but I found that using the magnify feature that my camera has I can do a pretty good critical focus... though I'd be at a huge disadvantage if I had to shot really quickly moving stuff...

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