Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Tom Schum
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My take on matching Foveon to CFA

I tried this today with photos from my X-E1 with 23mm F1.4 lens, and DP3M with its 50mm lens, trying to get test shots that took in the same image.

Then I cropped out the center, and processed both without resizing. Each crop is approximately the same area on the sensor, in sq mm. The X-E1 image is 6.7% larger because it has 16/15 the pixels that the same area on the DP3M sensor has.

The raw X-E1 image was processed first in Silkypix free converter to get brightness, contrast, and colors, with sharpening off, then in Photoshop Elements 9. In Elements, I sharpened it (200% at a radius of 0.3 pixels).

The DP3M was much more extensively processed. I processed the raw in SPP, setting sharpness to -1, then exported a JPG. In Photoshop Elements, after working on color, brightness, and contrast, I used the Elements filter "Blur" then "Surface Blur" set to a radius of 1 (minimum) and a value of 70. After that I sharpened it just a little.

Then I put the images into a single file without resizing. The DP3M still shows more detail than the X-E1 image but the two of them seem to have the same overall soft but crisp feel to them. It does seem to me that the blur radius should have been around 0.7 or 0.5, but I didn't want to go to the trouble to upsize the image to 4x the pixels to do that.

So, it looks like Scottelly has nailed it.

Download the original from my gallery if you are interested. Comments welcome:

Merrill Foveon on the left, Fuji x-trans 1 on the right

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