Nikon DX prime duo

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john Clinch Veteran Member • Posts: 3,734
Re: Nikon DX prime duo

My knowledge here is really from the film days (like a one shot memory card that stored 36 images, weirdly the memory card determined the iso and some one else got the pictures off)

In Ireland I have asked for directions and received the reply "Well I wouldn't be starting from here......"

I don't think Nikon DX is the right format for a 2 lens DX system

So given you have plenty of stuff to sell may be think about....
Going full frame. Here the Nikon offering makes way more sense. A 85mm lens and a 35mm or 28mm should really offer a life time of options. For me it would be 28mm for lansdcapes but your mileage may vary...
Looking at the Fuji system (I have a Flickr contact who went over to Fuji for the APS-c primes)

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