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Why are people's standards so low?

I ask this in all seriousness. Let me back up and explain the story. My son is 10, a few months back i bought him an older Sony SLT camera for $200, mainly bc i had a couple A mount lenses lying around and it's a good camera to learn on. We then had the shutter replaced and bought a new battery for it, so it should last him a good while. He takes a few shots here and there, it's mostly for learning, in time he will inherit my GX7 but i want him to get experience before i hand over gear i still care about.

He also sees me posting on DPR from time to time and has managed to navigate to the forum himself to read. Today while looking at random photos in the forum, he asked me a funny question. "why did this guy say this photo is sharp?". I happen to be a sharpness addict, and he's pretty use to seeing my standards of photos, but i had to admit the shots he was looking at were far from sharp. This brings me to the topic at hand.

Are people's standards lower, or do they really not crop in to look at the details? The reason im not sure the answer is simple, why buy thousands of dollars of gear, capable of dozens of megapixels of resolution, to look at a shot in a 2mp view? If you only look at a shot here on DPR in the little windowed view, a D4 would look similar to a smart phone. Im not talking about skill and content, just resolving power. Why worry about the best lens if you only view at 1.5mp? All lenses look sharp at such a small size, and aside from DOF, the IQ of a smart phone is similar to an ILC.

The thread he was looking at was this one, in the Canon forums. It was shot by a 70D with the 18-135. The problem for my son wasn't the shot was soft, it was the 2nd reply. FJG3 claimed the shot looks sharp, which it's clearly nowhere near sharp as even a 10yo can see. What is going on here? Many other threads are the same, people posting shots that lack any definition unless viewed in a tiny size, yet people praise the sharpness and IQ.

So i guess the question isn't just about standards. Are low standards really the issue, or are people just never viewing anything other than a 1mp file or print a 3x5? And if the latter is true, why spend that kind of money on your gear just to do that?

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