Eos M : a few recent ones- thanks Marco

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Eos M : a few recent ones- thanks Marco

Muzzaus here from Australia,

I think it is great when this forum is full of photos posted by Eos M users.It is about the images. It is about getting out to take them. It is about your creativity being expressed. It is about enjoying using the gear- especially if the gear motivates you to take more photos. The Eos M is a tool to achieve better images. I enjoy using this tool now but I know new bodies will come along with faster everything and better IQ. Camera bodies change but good lenses continue. This is an exciting time for photographers. Access to making excellent images has never been better. Get out and take more photos. The experience is good and practice improves my images. Thanks Marco and Sueanne

for reminding me.



Eos M + 50-300mmL + 1.4x-A (670mm lens) I now know that jumping ants can walk on the surface tension of the water. (Jumping ant is 15 mm long)

Eos M +50-300mm L +1.4x-A Dragonflies mating. I asked them to move so i could see them both .  They didn't listen and flew off 2 seconds later.

Eos M + 50-300mm L  Great Egret. I like the shadows on the wings

Eos M + 18-55 + Canon 250D Eastern Dwarf tree frog  12-15mm size

Eos M + 50-300mm L + 1.4x-A  Plumed whistling duck

Flat view
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