Sony a7 Long-Term Resale

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A different point of view...

You tell that you own an A6000, that camera is less then 4 month old and you want to sell it for a A7? I think you should take a deep breath and think it all over again.

Just a few facts about the cameras and lenses: both are great cameras, capable of taking stunning pictures in the right hands, so you can't go wrong with one of them. Bpth have their own strong (small size, very fast AF for the A6000 and FF sensor and better lowlight for the A7)  aand weak points (less controls for the A6000 and expensive lenses for the A7)

Now sit down and think: Why do I want the A7?

Are you unhappy with the A6000? And is so why? Will the A7 realy solve this?

Are you just wanting the newest toy? What if the A7m2 comes to the market, with faster AF ans some great features and even better low light, do you want that camera then? If so your shopping behaviour will cost you a lot of money!

Myadvice for now is:stick with you A6000 and from now on only buy FE lenses for it. In that way you can save money for when the next generation A7 comes out. Then you can buy that camera, use your new FE lenses and take great pictures or you can decide t buy the old A7 for cheap compensating for the lower price you may get for the A6000 and maybe, just maybe your GAS is over and you find out that the A6000 is good enough for you and you save yourself a lot of money....

But when you realy want to buy the new camera, don't think about the losses you will make, now or in the future, just buy it and forget what some old crazy guy told you!

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