Little ballerinas

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A shorter answer...

RaajS wrote:

Joe Pineapples wrote:

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

Joe, the window is a part of a composition. I don't want to dive into theory, but believe me, without it the picture would have no rhythm.

I was interested that you chose to place it as a "cut-out" from the edge of the frame, whereas a more classical composition might have included the complete window within the frame. Maybe we should have a bit more theory, and delve into things a bit more deeply, rather than just saying "Marvellous" all the time.

No rhythm? Well, it would certainly have a different rhythm...

Thanks for the reply.


Actually, Joe, I think a conversation on theory & composition is a great idea. Let's start with that image titled "7" by the incomparable Misha. Would love your take on that image. Any one else that "gets" that image is welcome to educate and illuminate the rest of us Philistines that don't get it. Welcome your input.



To put it another way, I can't abide the idea of an over-academic, desiccated version of photography: photography with its essential juice squeezed out...


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