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Re: not fair comparison using jpg

Artichoke wrote:

Stray Dog wrote:

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

There is no post expect cropping. Flat? The picture has a black point, if that's what you mean...

Could you attach a screen shot of what you see?

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Irakly Shanidze

I mean if you look at the shot there is visible noise through out and there is very little tonal range. The shadows looks messy because of this. Plus the skin looks blotchy because of the noise.

I was wondering if you had applied a film filter to the picture to achieve that or if it was the natural noise and squeezing of dynamic range from the sensor and processor in the M9

much has been discussed about the exemplary sensor in the M9 (mine is at the Mothership getting a fix & I trust it is in good hands,) particularly about high ISO performance

most find pushing ISO 640 in post the optimal, though I much prefer using its native ISO

certainly modern sensors have an advantage, but with a good converter (C1 Pro I believe is the best) the M9 delivers beautiful low light files, aided by how well fast lenses perform on the M mount

your re-work from Irakly's jpg is unfair on many counts, but does ape the digital look favored by many now & I think lessons the original

I like my shadows murky

had Irakly wanted his shadows looking like plastic, he would have done this in post

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Noise vs Plastic, it's the bane of modern digital photography once you hit the limits of your sensor.

Personally I prefer cleaner looking images with a digital file. It's not like looking at B&W film grain on a traditional print. The format as a whole excels when given the task of rendering in a more controlled way and adding resolution. I don't see anything textually interesting in digital noise.

For me personally If I want interesting grain (read noise) I tend to grab a film camera. I've never seen any digital noise that looked aesthetically pleasing.

I didn't really think that the original photos murky shadows did anything for the image. You can make the argument that there is more detail, but in reality that detail is not particularly interesting to look at. It's a subjective thing.

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