Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Inkjet printer any good?

Started Feb 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Just got mine yesterday

RGiskard wrote:

wxxhrt wrote:

do you have any info on the lifetime, colour-fast(ness) of these Precision Colors Inks as they're hugely less expensive!

I wish that I did, but I haven't heard anything about the life of the PC inks. From what I have seen, most people say "the ink is cheap, so I can always print it again if I need to." I know that may not work in a commercial setting, however. My personal assumption is that anything that has been properly stored/displayed will last a reasonably long time. I don't need 100 years out of my prints... Sorry I can't offer you more help!

Thanks for your reply, I thought this might be the case, reprinting if necessary is the way I've been working but am planning to show some work and don't want to shoot myself in the foot!

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