Why no third party zooms for u4/3?

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Agreed on the price/performance

Amen on the price/performance market. If you want a fast wide prime in the 35mm or under, (ie: faster than 2.8) you are looking at spending $500+ on a lens (except for the 14mm panny 2.5). If you want a standard zoom that is better than a kit lens, we only have two options that are both very expensive. I'm not saying the Oly 12-40 or the Panny 12-35 aren't worth their money, I've done the research to know that they are. The reality is though that not everyone can afford this but they could afford a $500-600 Sigma version that was 2.8-4 instead of 2.8.

Maybe there just isn't a big enough market yet, or, maybe there is but it may be quite risky for the 3rd party vendors who typically make one lens that ends up on multiple platforms.

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