A bit of advice needed (Post Processing)

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Re: A bit of advice needed (Post Processing)

Hi there :)...
I did try Dxo upon your advice recently for various photos... its better then LR at some things and worse at others lol.
As far as prime NR... not too impressed really. Main gripe was producing very visible banding in shadows in higher iso shots. I instantly compared it to LR NR that i tweaked to max for best results ... but that lead to producing artefact with very repetitive pattern ... very similar to what old panasonic LX3 used to do in higher iso...
then i took same shot and processed it from raw thru noiseware pro... best results hands down. Noise reduction and detail preserving about on par with prime NR from dxo but much much faster and no nasty shadow color banding.
i think honestly that for someone just starting to mess with all this stuff LR as a whole is pretty nice but so is DXO ... editing is much better on LR ( adjustment brush is amazing once you learn how to use it) but lens corrections like distortion CA etc are better with dxo... you choose your poison lol.
Best thing would be probably download a trial of both and see which one you like more as its quite matter of personal preferrence. Im sure LR supports many more plugins though...
I also guaranntee you LR will run circles around dxo on same computer lol

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