A bit of advice needed (Post Processing)

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Re: A bit of advice needed (Post Processing)

There are very awesome plugins ... most but not all is supported by LR as well as photoshop. Some but few are only supported with photoshop.
Im long time user of nik software colorefex and viveza... truly great... also dfine for noise reduction is nice ( but after long term testing i always come back to noiseware professional ,which only works in photoshop)
Also from nik s. there is silver efex pro for BW edits and HDR efex which is interesting as well.
i never came to like any Topaz plugins really but thats just me.

I absolutely used to love photo tools professional by OnOne but i had old version like 5.something. now i tried their photo suite 8 and interface is horrible and its dog slow even on very powerful PC . Also amount of filters is much much lower. Very disappointing.

Also very popular is alien skin exposure plugin but after trying it... didnt feel like its special at all. Colorefex is much better ( IMO) but to each his own...

for first dive into post processing and editing Id strongly suggest LR which is pretty cheap and very capable actually. There are some great youtube tutorials by known adobe experts too...
If you see something that appeals to you a lot next step is viveza and colorefex... idk which first as both are great and useful. Watch some videos on their (niksoftware) site or youtube to determine if you like it or not...both work with LR and photoshop.

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