Upgrading from Samsung GX20 to K-30 or K-5?

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Re: Upgrading from Samsung GX20 to K-30 Pulled a FAST one. SHHHHHH

MisterBridger wrote:

I have an old 50mm/f1.7 Pentax A lens Also a 28mm/f2.8. Both lenses are from my 35mm days. These i will never sell. just good quality. I also have the 18-55 wr and 50mm-200 wr kit lenses.

I have recently got to want a good macro lens. Im still not sure which one is right for me. I have seen Kiron/Vivatar 105mm lens up for grabs. This is a known Exceptional pentax mount lens.

can you recomend a good wide to 50/55 lens. It would have to be 2ND hand.

Again, your thoughts

My thoughts are that I'm surprised you feel the need for another prime lens in that range when you already own the 28mm and 50mm. Sure, there's 35mm which is a "normal" lens on APS-C, and you could go to f/1.4 with that if you go for a recently discontinued Sigma, for sake of argument. But compared to 28mm, the frame will only be a little bit tighter, and 35mm lenses also didn't used to be as popular as 28mm until recently, so there isn't as much to be dug from the second hand market.

So since I don't know what you mean by "wide" (28mm is wide on FF), I can only think the better plan is to go for something wider than 18mm, to broaden your options.

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