Sony a7 Long-Term Resale

Started Jun 7, 2014 | Discussions thread
JYPfoto Senior Member • Posts: 1,213
Re: Sony a7 Long-Term Resale

The biggest loss comes from being an early adopter, but then again only you can determine whether the loss is worth it to you to get to use the camera for the weeks/months before it drops in price.  I could see prices holding steady for at least a few months, the rapid drop in the a7(r) has to do a lot with the alternate ways they were going for much cheaper than MSRP (Sony stores closing, employee discounts, Sony credit card rewards, etc).

If you buy it used then you're already getting a better deal price wise than the guy who bought it new.  Most equipment you buy it new and you're lucky to get 85% of the price you paid if you try to sell it used,  no matter how mint condition it's in.

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